Frederik Bagger

Frederik Bagger was founded in 2014 with the ambition to challenge and inspire a somewhat conservative industry. Today, the company’s more than 450 exclusive products are sold in more
than 750 retail stores in several countries, while web shops have been established separately for Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The reason behind this success is Frederik Bagger’s drive to become one of the world’s best providers of tableware. To establish such a position, an unwavering commitment to ambitious design and product development is an absolute prerequisite.

Frederik Bagger’s crystal glasses are produced from lead-free Crystaline and withstand the highest as well as the lowest temperatures. Thousands of times in the dishwasher will not leave a trace. The company’s porcelain has three layers of glaze to deliver unprecedented durability. The company’s vision is to create the traditions of the future by consistently challenging the industry through innovative and unconventional products of the highest quality. Products, which pay tribute to the heritage and what has gone before, but fearlessly venture into uncharted territory.

Ree Office invested in Frederik Bagger in 2018.

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