Torque buys major stake in WS Technicals

20 March 2024

Torque has recently purchased a 35 per cent stake in WS Technical A/S, a very promising and highly specialized lithium battery provider. WST, a Danish company established in 2015, develops bespoke lithium battery packages including battery management software and then sells battery packages to the clients for the product’s full duration.

WST delivers solutions to a wide variety of industries, prominent among them transport, drones and robotics, industrial cleaning, and emergency power facilities. This diversification means that WST is less exposed to economic cycles and externalities.

The global market is dominated by a handful of major players, but WST’s clients point to accessibility, quick response, and a flexible approach as well as high quality. WST’s production in China is monitored in real-time, and the company uses self-developed software for testing, documentation, and tracking.

WST operates at the heart of the green energy transition, where companies switch from fossil fuels to battery-based energy technologies and from lead acid batteries to lithium with far longer duration and less environmental hazards. The market’s growth potential is significant, and WST’s goals are ambitious.

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